Professional Broadcast Quality Recordings!

Incredible rates - a fraction of the cost of mainstream studios!

Informal, homely recording environment - no pressure or 'clock watching'!

Experienced Engineer/ Producer/Editor

Hi,my name is Jonathan and thanks for visiting Purple Hippo Studios. Essentially Purple Hippo is the working name of my recording set up which has moved locations and has grown and shrunk and grown again over the years. Purple Hippo is not a commercial studio in the sense that I do not operate as a means of making a full time living, but i have, in my many years of recording albums, musicals radio plays and jingles accrued a vast wealth of experience, which i now wish to share, helping others fulfill some of their potential. Take a good look around the site, and if you are a musician, singer, performer, writer or 'Karaoke Legend', i may just be able to help you get something 'on tape', for posterity, a gift for someone special, or for the first step on a rise to superstardom. Just dont forget to take me with you!

The difference you will notice between Purple Hippo and other places offering you these services is simple - the cost! At a fraction of the cost of a mainstream studio, i can help you produce that special project - see right for some of the things i can offer. I can offer amazing vocal recording facilities (and instruments in some cases) but without the hassles and pressures and the costs of a recording studio. I can do all of this in a fun, friendly family home environment, no pressure, lots of tea, coffee and biscuits (if I like you) and you will walk away with a completed CD of your own work. I can provide amazing backing tracks at no extra cost (in most cases). These days it doesnt take a studio like Abbey Road to produce amazing quality audio. In fact modern computer based studios are far more powerful and flexible and generally less time consuming to set up. At Purple Hippo the emphasis is on fun, otherwise why would I want to do it! Mail me with your ideas and I'll see what i can do to make it happen!

Purple Hippo Studios are located in Bradninch near Exeter, Devon. For a more detailed location guide click here.

Want to hear what your getting for your time and money? - click here for audio demos and more information.

Vocal Demos - Either a single track or a whole album project - professional, broadcast quality tracks (backing tracks supplied at no extra cost in most cases) to send away to record companies, A&R, agents or to upload on to your Myspace page or website. No hourly rates here, no pressure, plenty of coffee and biscuits, you can have a mastered CD in your hands for £30- even if you just want to record a track for a bit of fun, lets see what happens. I have a powerful computer recording set up, vocal effects, tuning aids, advanced editing skills and mastering to broadcast quality. See the audio demos for examples.

Poetry or Story Reading/Voice Overs and Show Reels - Do you have someone special you would like to read your personal message to? Maybe you would like to read a favourite story to play to your kids? Have you written a poem you would like to record for posterity or as a gift? Recording like this is easy, you don't have to get it right first time. I have great editing skills, plus I can also add sound effects and other clever stuff if you want or even overlay your vocal on to music. I have recorded and scored feature length radio plays – go on, challenge me, lets do something unique. Ill even record kids! (I used to work in childrens radio - im CRB checked and work daily in a high security clearance role. Want to do a show reel to get radio work or voice overs for TV commercials? No problem!

Instrumentalists/ Duos/Small Bands - If you are an instrumentalist that needs a good demo CD of your skills as part of a College/University entrance requirement, or are doing a small project, I can help you. Are you a bedroom guitarist playing to backing tracks but want to have something on tape to showcase you talents? Are you part of an acoustic duo or a small group? I have the facilities to put together a kick ass demo for you. (Unfortunately at this time, i can accommodate acoustic drums or very loud instruments - although i do have a full electric drum kit in the studio) © 2009 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use